“Hey Jodie. Thanks heaps for all your help and time. I managed to get the wonka wrapper looking exactly like yours. I can not thank you enough for your generosity! Allowing people to download your beautiful invitations as they please. You’ve really helped me out and saved a lot of time and costs. With regards, thanks!” VANESSA

“I just want to say, you are a leader in your field.  I have been in the wedding stationery industry for 10 years now and in the wedding industry for over 15 years with other businesses I’ve owned and there has never been a supplier more dedicated to customer service and getting it ‘right’ than you. You are an inspiration, keep up the great work and if you are ever in Melbourne, I’d love to take you to lunch.” TAMARA BULLUSS | DISCOUNT WEDDING PAPERS

“It is always a bright spot in my day to read your emails. You have GOT IT – your presentation is sheer genius. I receive so many emails in a day – most just miss the mark – but try very hard. So the upshot is congratulations, well done, power ahead – it is a recipe for real success.” CHERYLL H

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“Just a quick email to say THANK-YOU for taking the time out the other day to offer your advice and wisdom in the world of business websites. It was much appreciated and has spurred me back on track.” ELLEN ROBBINS | ENVITE STATIONERY STUDIO | NSW


“Just want to drop you a quick email to say I’m thoroughly enjoying reading your posts. It’s invaluable to be getting tips and info from somebody like yourself with so much experience in the field. So thank-you for sharing your knowledge!” MARIA | BLISSFUL SENTIMENTS


“Hi Jodie, Thank you… I read your e-newsletter and had a chuckle – confessing to the Wiggles as creative inspiration is a bold move! Anyway, just couldn’t avoid not emailing to say love the e-newsletters.  PS – I also appreciated seeing a Donkeys “ass” that early in the morning too. Ticked all my boxes.” LEILA | PAPER POSY


“I always look forward for fresh ideas and tips from ARTEE SUPPLIES!! You know how to inspire me with my creations, once again THANK YOU!!” VICKY


“Hi Jodie & Team @ Artee Supplies, I’ve been using your products for a good few years now and I can truly say it just gets better all the time! I always get AMAZING customer service from everyone especially Alex.. she’s lovely and very helpful! I think this is a great idea and I can’t wait to see more!!” TIANA | PURRFECT INVIATIONS & GIFTS


“Looking forward to reading more Jodie! I love your emails and how you have personalised your business and emote to readers, I am looking forward to doing business with you soon!” GAYLE | I WILL INVITATIONS


“I’ve been in love with your papers for a little over a year and find you and your business so inspiring…in fact I’m not far off taking a leap of faith and launching a business hopefully using your papers. You answered a question of mine not long ago and your kindness in sharing your knowledge was gratefully appreciated. Looking forward to more posts.” SANDRA


“What a wonderful resource for us to have…..thank you so much for all your time & hard work Jodie. Much appreciated from this beginner :) Your willingness to share is so refreshing, so many people are anything but generous with their knowledge and expertise…it’s so nice to find someone who goes out of their way to help others!” LYNNE ARMSTRONG


“I’m 21years old and just started my business and I must say you truly are an inspiration! Love everything you come up with at Artee!” OLIVIA


“Fantasic idea Jodie love the webpage.” PAT MILSON


“Hi Jodie and the team, I have been a customer of yours for a few years now and I just wanted to say thank you for the exceptional customer service I always receive and the beautiful papers you design. Every time you release a new paper, it inspires me to design bigger and better than before! There is nothing quite like receiving one of your packages in the mail, my fiance thinks I’m crazy! So thank you, for your hard work and stunning papers, I know they inspire small businesses like me, and I’m sure others to keep creating and sharing your products with everybody.” MEGAN | LITTLE SISTER INVITATIONS


“Hi Jodie,  Just want to thank you and your team for being so helpful to me. Your DIY creation guides were fabulous. You guys are doing a very good job!”  JACKIE | BLISS AVENUE INVITATIONS


…And on our DIY Creation Guides:

“Terrific! Love your work! You make us look good!”

“I loved the first one. What a big help, especially for me just starting out in retail.”

“Thank you so much. It’s a great help.”

“What an awesome idea. You guys are brilliant!!”

“I LOVE your new DIY Creation Guides! They will be a huge help to making things easier for my customers when times are so busy! I can’t wait to see and share all of your amazing guides as they are released!”

“This is such a brilliant idea thank you J”

“These are a great idea to get the creative juices flowing and show the customers just how you can take an idea and go for it.”

“Love it! I’m completely booked out for the rest of the year for professionally hand crafted stationery, so having gorgeous DIY designs on hand to promote is perfect timing for me to attract all those hands on clients!”

“This is fantastic. I love the layout and the colours.”

“Really appreciate you creating these to make our lives easier any time saver is welcomed with open arms.”

“Thanks so much for these, I really appreciate all the work that’s gone into them. As soon as I get a spare minute I’ll be putting them to good use :)”

“YES PLEASE! Sounds like something I need!”

“This is a fantastic idea”

“Yes please, anything to help a small business owner, trying to juggle everything is greatly appreciated. I like to refer clients direct to the website to get templates and ideas, but this is a more direct approach I can use on facebook, etc.”

“This is a wonderful idea. Very impressed. Thank you I look forward to seeing more.”

“Love your ideas! Thank you Jodie.”

“Brilliant idea!!!”

For LOTS more testimonials, visit the Peterkin Praise page