Peterkin Creates Event Stationery for Prince Edward Exclusive Perth Dinner


Kings of the Kitchen Menu & Order of Proceedings

The Creative Brief:

His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, is coming out to Australia to celebrate over 50 years of The Duke of Edinburgh Award in Australia.

On Thursday 6 November we are holding a fundraising 7 course degustation dinner for The Award program in WA, at Crown Perth to ensure financial support for less fortunate young people to participate and achieve their Award in 2015 and beyond.

Attendees will include: current donors, potential new donors, Western Australian Ministers and dignitaries, Board Directors, Ambassadors and other key stakeholders who support The Award in WA.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Australia – WA requires the Kings of the Kitchen event stationery to be designed and printed by Peterkin.


A Royal Menu…

Here’s a quick video of some of the processes involved in creating the menu:

View the official website including the chef lineup to promote the event HERE.

We were given the dozens of logos and began creating the artwork for the Kings of the Kitchen Menu & Order of Proceedings, the official program, together with three official programs for the events held the following day. (I’ll cover that another time).


Logos 1
The course sponsors had their logos displayed on the course insert card

The design had to be in keeping with the invitation, which was designed and printed by Minuteman Press Fremantle – we supplied the printed envelopes and the invitation insert paper, Glamour Puss Linen Milk Bath 118gsm.

We really needed to make a big impression with this menu. There were a lot of supporters and sponsors who needed to be recognised for their generous donations of fresh produce, time and support of the Awards…not to mention tickets were $700 each and a PRINCE was attending.

Our goal was for the guests to want to take it home, pour over the menu again and again and of course show their friends, allowing not only to get the sponsors logos in front of more people, but even more exposure for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards (and potentially more support).

After our initial consultation and Creative Brief, our Designer created a digital mock-up to ensure they liked what we’d discussed before going any further.


Digital mockup of the design we’d discussed

 For the pocket and the star of this show, we recommended Glamour Puss Cocktail Hour  With it’s super-sparkle and decent 285gsm weight, it was the perfect start. We first gold-foiled the stock with the Kings of the Kitchen and Peterkin logos. It worked out cost-effective that they were on the same side of the stock, even though our logo was on the back of the finished 120×180 Pocket A we die cut afterwards. We carefully hand-glued the pockets closed with our strongest secret recipe glue. 😉


Each course had it’s own card inserted into the pocket

There was a lot of text to fit on the Order of Proceedings, especially when incorporating the script font (snell roundhand) they requested, but our clever Designer Dee made it work. We printed that on Milk Bath Linen 265gsm, which gave it some classy linen texture when the light hit. We carefully glued this to the inside of the pocket using our industrial gluing machine (you feed a sheet through the mechanical rollers and it puts a thin layer of adhesive over the entire back of the sheet – we use this for sandwiching layers together also).

Logos 2

Left – logos were converted to grey-scale | Right – Pledge Card

Each course had it’s own insert. With seven courses, there was just 10mm gap between each, which we used for the course titles, alternating reverse black and black type to accentuate the courses. Once all the logos were located and placed, we converted them to greyscale, which kept the black and white theme consistent. The course cards had to be precision cut too. Being printed on Glamour Puss Milk Bath Linen 265gsm to match the Order of Proceedings, with seven layers totalling 1855gsm put a huge strain on the pocket bond, but not one popped open!

The Pledge Card had to be tasteful, important (the event was to raise money after all), part of the table stationery, yet not to over-power the menu. We decided to create a separate card that simply sat inside, held in by the bulk alone. It too was printed in black two sides on Glamour Puss Linen Milk Bath 265gsm. Designed to drop out when the menu pocket was opened, guests needed to notice it, but not feel like it was pushed onto them. They could put it aside and address it later in the evening, if they wished.

Outside & Closeup

Left – Front and back with our supporting logo | Right – 7 layers of card created a lot of pressure against the pocket, yet it held tight

Once folded to a close, the pocket needed to be held closed.  Angela, the Executive Assistant co-ordinating the event really liked a ribbon closure as being tied shut created a talking point while the guests undid the ribbon to reveal the much anticipated menu and wine selection that had been painstakingly created just for them. Custom-dyed 6mm wide Milk Bath satin ribbon was wound twice around the pocket. To finish off the look of intrigue, we threaded a tag with the Kings of the Kitchen logo in Black on one side and the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards Australia in full colour on the reverse. A snip to a point of both ribbon ends and voila!

The Official Program artwork with advertising and acknowledgement of the supporters was supplied already imposed by the Magnetize, who also co-ordinated the marketing. We just needed to design the covers, print and bind. We’d worked out a logo size that would suit both items, so only required one foiling block to be made and did this run the same time as the pockets. The insert pages were printed on a smooth satin digital stock and (appropriately) perfect bound.

They looked absolutely beautiful and coordinated with the menus perfectly. Look how beautiful they looked on the tables with the room decorations:

Table Set Up 2

Table Set Up

Peterkin logo gold

We feel very proud to have been part of this most prestigious event and extremely grateful to the Duke of Edinburgh Awards for giving us the opportunity to showcase our products and skills and look forward to future collaborations…we had a lot of fun!

Quote 2

Cheers, Jodie

About the Duke of Edinburgh Awards in Australia

Currently, 36,000 young people participate in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program annually around the country. The Award program has a diverse and motivating impact on young people around Australia, including positive impact on young people in schools and youth organisations, projects with disadvantaged youth and young indigenous people in remote and regional areas, the success stories of young people with disabilities achieving their Award and our positive impact of working with young people in juvenile justice centres.

Visit the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Website for more information about the Awards and how you can get involved in your state.

This Original Letterpress Wedding Invitation is over 100 years old

If my grandmother, Nannylorne (her name was Lorna) was still alive today, she would be 100 years old.


Her birthday was on 4th October, so we organised a traditional Peterkin gathering to celebrate the occasion. The Peterkins’ are renowned for drinking tea, baking and eating cakes, biscuits and anything else sweet, so I shouldn’t have been surprised to see more ‘sweeties’ on the bring a plate table than savoury…even though it was for lunch.

My Aunty Fay worked tirelessly for weeks gathering memorabilia for us all to enjoy. Although Nannylorne was very much considered a hoarder, I couldn’t help being grateful for her keepsakes. In amongst all the photos and memorabilia my Aunty Fay is still working her way through, she came across my great-grandmother’s original letterpress wedding invitation, together with photos of the occasion.

Old Wedding Invite 1

The first thing that struck me was it’s size. At only 10cm tall, they kept things pretty simple and stuck to the facts…The outer card was embossed on a parchment style, waxy paper and printed in silver. Although now aged to a tea stain colour, I would imagine it used to be quite white. They would’ve gone to their local printer and chosen from a range of pre-printed ‘outer cards’ which the printer ordered in. The inner card would’ve been printed ‘in-house’ (letter press of course – that’s all there was) in a silver ink, set up letter-by-letter. No wonder they kept it short and sweet! They didn’t even include the year!

Old Wedding Invite 2


Alice was married on Valentine’s Day, 14th February 1912. They were the second ever couple to be married in the brand-new St. Paul’s church in Bridgetown Western Australia and the reception was held in the Bridgetown Freemason’s Hotel. The photos above were taken on their wedding day…

All brides were beautiful back then too…

Cheers, Jodie

Printed Envelopes Complete Gift Voucher Branding

Travel Key Main ImageI love working with people and companies who ‘get it’…

…who understand the power of first impressions and therefore the power of  quality, printed envelopes to complete their branding.

When people give a travel voucher, it’s not usually for $20 right? That wouldn’t even get you a taxi ride!

So when Solonge from travel key came to us wanting to print envelopes to house their gift vouchers which are often used as prizes, she needed them to look special and exciting, with their vibrant and fun branding front and centre!

Using all their banding elements, we came up with this design and digitally printed it on our luscious Marshmallow Crisp White DL iflap envelopes.

Unlike offset printing, they didn’t need to print thousands to make full colour envelopes a reality. Just 750 will keep them going for quite a while (and won’t break the bank either)…

This is what Solonge had to say when she received her envelopes:

“We just received the envelopes and they look absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the exceptional service and prompt delivery. Oh, and thank you for another gorgeous notepad. Now I can have one for home and one for work. Have a great day and look forward to working with your team again soon.”

Travel Key Image 2

We’re very proud of our envelope printing service.

We import our gorgeous paper stocks direct and manufacture the envelopes in-house on our vintage envelope machine ‘Smythie’…so we understand our product, what it can do and how good we can make it look. We know the limitations of our digital presses too and can make them do stuff even the machine’s makers never dreamed of!

Customers like Form love it too… they’ve stopped having to put ugly address stickers on their mail outs, which saves them time and looks so much more professional (and inviting!)

Direct mail marketing is really making a comeback too. Put it this way, are you more likely to open an email someone you don’t know has sent, or an inviting, quality envelope addressed to you with an irresistible offer or invitation inside?

Let us help you get the response you need. Contact us for some free advice and ideas about your envelope project you want people to open today.

Cheers, Jodie