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Are you too busy to constantly come up with fresh ideas for cards and invitations… even though that’s what you love to do?

That’s what I experienced as a Paper Retailer too. I felt the pressure was always on to create, create, create.

Well, I’m here to save you time AND make your customers think you’re awesome with no effort on your part for with our FREE downloads:

  • Step-by-step DIY Creation Guides – lists all of the products we’ve used, the sizes to cut them to and step-by-step instructions on how to put it together… All in easy to understand language. You won’t have to answer all those lovely (but slightly irritating) questions like ‘How do I print it?’, ‘What measurements do I cut it to?’, ‘What font is that?’  and ‘How do I assemble it?’ because the Guides tell them (and you) everything they need to reproduce it perfectly.
  • Editable MS Word Printing Templates you can save, print, email or even post on your website for your customers to use freely.
  •  Done-for-you & ready-to-print sample you can easily print off and whip up a ‘touchy feely’ sample with. It has all the fonts and colours embedded. There’s no formatting, no laying out, no coming up with fake brides and grooms…just print it out, follow the DIY Creation Guide and make your own sample. Voila!
  • Professional photographs of our fresh designs to share on your website or promote on social media.

There is absolutely no strings attached to these files. Use them however you like…go for it in fact. Don’t even hesitate to use different papers, ribbons & bling to create other combinations for your customers to enjoy.

One more thing…If you are a subscriber to my blog, you’ll be notified every time we launch a new guide!

Click on the designs below to view the images to download the guide, printing template & printable idea sample…then pay it forward and share!

(and be sure to leave a comment below!)

IMG_1513 blog






IMG_1540 blog






IMG_1876 blog


Greeting Cards for Mum & other Lovely Ladies




IMG_1865 blog






IMG_1940 web






IMG_1825 blog






IMG_1967 web


French Lace Midnight




IMG_3777 web


Greeting Cards for Dad & Other Fine Lads







Christmas Wreath Greeting Card




Wonka Bar Golden Ticket


Wonka Golden Ticket Invitation







Greeting Cards for Mum & other Lovely Ladies 2