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My goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to improve your paper business with inspiration, teachings, ideas, encouragement, and support.

I’m a business owner, mother and partner and my hobby is my job. I love it. I am constantly researching, talking about, promoting and improving everything about my business…from marketing to products to team building. I love it all. The busier I become, the more I seem to take on.

I care deeply about my customers and go to great lengths to help them in all aspects of their business. It’s something I find really satisfying. I try to employ people who are strong in relationship building and compassion and who share the same passion for customer service and quality, no matter what their position is, because without our customers, we simply do not exist.

A Career in Paper

Starfish Lane Market Stall

This was actually the second location at the Malaga Markets. Circa 1994.

I began my love affair with paper when I was just a child (we NEVER bought a greeting card, it was always hand-made) but began my career with paper in 1991 when I accepted a position in an offset printing business. I was fascinated with the printing process and loved helping people create everything from business cards to full-on brochures. I began my own paper business in a market stall in November of 1994, and called it Starfish Lane.

Within a year I brought on board my life partner (and future father of my son), Graham and moved into the 200sqm North Perth store.  Our little paper business grew to a ‘chain’ of 3 stores, specialising in DIY invitations, rubber (art) stamps and paper crafting. Two in Melbourne and the flagship store in North Perth. In May 1996, we began Artee Supplies, the importing and wholesale arm of our business & in 2001 won the My Business Awards ‘Most Innovative Small Business’ Award for Starfish Lane.

Starfish 5 blog

Inside the flagship store, not long after moving in. Circa 1995

Starfish 3 blog

Elsternwick Store – Melbourne

Mooney Ponds Store

Mooney Ponds Store

In just a few short years we had grown from our

Outside of Moonee Ponds Store.

Outside of Moonee Ponds Store.

humble beginnings in a market stall with start-up capital of $1000 to 3 stores, wholesale, manufacturing, importing and over 50 staff!

In 2002, I gave birth to my son Jackson and, strangely enough, my focus shifted. I lost my business ‘mojo’ for a while there and focused on trying to juggle running a successful business and being the mum I wanted to be (lots of stories there)….so we sold all the Starfish Lane stores to focus solely on Artee Supplies.

Since then, we have ridden the ups and downs of the economy, created hundreds of new paper and related products, invented ways to demonstrate and display our paper products and helped hundreds of new paper businesses get off the ground with individual coaching, advice and resources. With my knowledge of owning and running my own stores, manufacturing processes, warehousing and product development, I’m constantly coming up with ways I can help my customers & stockists. I know how much time you DON’T have in your day…

My team and I are always working on a system, a resource, an invitation sample, a new product, website or catalogue. Nothing stands still.

Through my videos, tip sheets, creation guides and blog posts, you’ll learn practical wisdom from me and my team as well as other rising stars in our industry.

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While I might not have all the answers, I’ve spent over 20 years learning on-the-job and studying everything to do with business and in particular, the paper business…

You just might get something unexpected and totally useful!

Cheers Jodie