I want to share with you a very special project we had the pleasure of being involved with toward the end of 2014 – the Guildford Grammar School Year 6 Graduation.

The Guildford Grammar Year 6 parents and school graduation committee wanted this very special event to be memorable. For some, the journey had begun in kindergarten. Their child had spent eight years at the Prep School and this was the night of nights to mark the occasion of a big milestone in their lives. Although most of the boys would be moving to up the senior school the following year, some were moving on to other schools, as of course were the girls…

The Brief:

The invitations needed to have the school logo, certain information about the event and had to reflect the formal nature of the evening. One of the parents of the school Rachel Wyatt, a talented watercolour artist was commissioned to create several paintings of landmark buildings and scenes throughout the school as the year group’s gift to the school. Upon seeing the first couple, I suggested we use them as a theme throughout the entire event.


We chose the Preparatory School Gazebo as the feature invitation image and created a pattern repeat of the fleur de lis which is featured in the school crest for the reverse. Although the original sketch was black and white, we colour-matched the school’s blue and kept the fonts under-stated. The texture of the Versa Felt Card stock complimented Rachel’s painting perfectly. We chose Versa Felt matching envelopes and continued the invitation theme with the school logo and traditional royal blue colour.

The envelopes and invitations were both personalised with the student’s name – their parents were the guests. The children were very excited to discover the special envelope addressed to them in the mailbox.

Apparently there was a record number of teachers from other year groups who accepted invitations to attend the dinner – of course we’d like to think it was the invitation 😉

GGS Yr 6 Graduation Class of 2014

Throughout the year, lots of fun, relaxed photos of the children were taken – around the school, with their teachers, in the playground and on excursions. We were given one for each child and put their smiling face in a circle, with their name below and printed them out on Marshmallow Crisp White 261gsm board as photos always look gorgeous on this stock. The images were pinned all around the dining hall, with children eagerly looking for the location of their own face.


For the menu and evening program, we used the painting of one of the entrances to the school on the front and ‘The Pavillion’ for the inside, printed on the matching Versa Felt stock as the invitation. These were the main table decoration and were taken home by the children as a keepsake from the evening.

GGS Chapel Drawing

Above is another one of Rachel’s drawings (she does commissions from photos you know) which were the graduating year’s gift to the school.

We really enjoyed creating this stationery for the school. It’s a nice feeling knowing our work will be kept and admired by many as a fond memory of their primary school days and their graduation. We warmly thank Guildford Grammar School for giving us the opportunity to show our strengths!


Roger clearly thinks it was all me, but we all know I had (a lot) of help. Our Designer & Digital Press Operator, Allison made a few simple ideas truly come to life!
Cheers, Jodie