Printed Envelopes Complete Gift Voucher Branding

Travel Key Main ImageI love working with people and companies who ‘get it’…

…who understand the power of first impressions and therefore the power of  quality, printed envelopes to complete their branding.

When people give a travel voucher, it’s not usually for $20 right? That wouldn’t even get you a taxi ride!

So when Solonge from travel key came to us wanting to print envelopes to house their gift vouchers which are often used as prizes, she needed them to look special and exciting, with their vibrant and fun branding front and centre!

Using all their banding elements, we came up with this design and digitally printed it on our luscious Marshmallow Crisp White DL iflap envelopes.

Unlike offset printing, they didn’t need to print thousands to make full colour envelopes a reality. Just 750 will keep them going for quite a while (and won’t break the bank either)…

This is what Solonge had to say when she received her envelopes:

“We just received the envelopes and they look absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the exceptional service and prompt delivery. Oh, and thank you for another gorgeous notepad. Now I can have one for home and one for work. Have a great day and look forward to working with your team again soon.”

Travel Key Image 2

We’re very proud of our envelope printing service.

We import our gorgeous paper stocks direct and manufacture the envelopes in-house on our vintage envelope machine ‘Smythie’…so we understand our product, what it can do and how good we can make it look. We know the limitations of our digital presses too and can make them do stuff even the machine’s makers never dreamed of!

Customers like Form love it too… they’ve stopped having to put ugly address stickers on their mail outs, which saves them time and looks so much more professional (and inviting!)

Direct mail marketing is really making a comeback too. Put it this way, are you more likely to open an email someone you don’t know has sent, or an inviting, quality envelope addressed to you with an irresistible offer or invitation inside?

Let us help you get the response you need. Contact us for some free advice and ideas about your envelope project you want people to open today.

Cheers, Jodie

Is the Xerox 8870 ColorQube the Perfect Printer for Designers? Here’s Our Review…

People ask me all the time for a recommendation on a printer for their design studio. There are hundreds of brands and models out there, but who do you trust? They all think theirs is the best right? At the end of the day, when your local white goods retailer or computer shop recommends a printer for your special needs, you need to test it by poking a variety of weird and wonderful cardstocks through, using a variety of design styles and fonts to determine if the machine is in fact ‘the one’. That’s not always an easy thing to do.

So when we heard about all the wonderful features of the Fuji Xerox 8870, we thought it deserved a thorough review.

We put this one of a kind printer through its paces…

Easy Set-Up

Firstly, it’s easy to set up right out of the box. The menu is really simple, but it took 10-15 minutes to warm up, which freaked us out a bit. Apparently it’s because the print heads need to warm up. But as you never need to turn it off again, who cares? It seems the ink ‘melts’ and flows inside the machine also, which is another reason not to turn it off, as it ‘dumps’ what was inside the machine into the little waste trays if you turn it off.

The Ink Isn’t Really Ink
It’s a solid wax, soy product you could eat if you wanted to. It’s biodegradable which doesn’t come off on your hands. The inks come with minimal (recyclable) packaging and are super-easy to replace in your machine. Each ink stick has a unique shape, which makes it impossible to mis-load. Actually, they’re the only consumables in the machine, apart from the ink roller. Cartridges, fusers, drums etc. are not required. The ink sticks have a high yield at up to 16,700 black pages and up to 17,300 for Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

Colour Prints 2

It Prints on Textured Paper!
It prints on textured and specialty stocks most laser printers won’t have a bar of. Although the specifications say 220gsm is it’s limit, we tested it using the highest print quality setting (which did make it pretty slow, but it CAN print up to 40 ppm) using the following card stocks:

  • Zsa Zsa 198gsm- no problem even with the deep texture
  • Crane (300gsm) – didn’t like it much. It printed with good results, but very slowly
  • Coco Linen 170gsm – good results, even on solid areas
  • Versa Felt 270gsm – great results
  • Versa Linen 270gsm – great results
  • Glamour Puss 285gsm – slowly…but it did print well.
  • Marshmallow 260gsm – Divine result (see below)
  • Botany – Awesome results. We printed a big solid area in black and it was really black!

Colour Prints 1

We even tried some weirder ‘dry’ recycled papers. We were really impressed with the results. The 2,400 FinePoint, PANTONE Colour approved simulations provide accurate colour output. They’re rich, saturated and gorgeous. The only time we thought it could’ve been better was when we tried to print an entire solid block on a heavily textured stock (Coco Linen). It did come out a little ‘patchy’, but we thought that made it look more ‘vintage’.

Colour Prints 3

Embossed Lettering
I know Marshmallow prints beautifully on just about anything, but when we printed plain black text onto Marshmallow Crisp White 261gsm, the result of the wax ink on the silky smooth stock was…raised. Not quite braille raised, but it’s absolutely slightly embossed. Definitely a bonus.

Envelopes Too!
This is a big one. So many printers out there munch up envelopes or at the very least print them badly. It’s mainly due to the overlapping areas on an envelope. This means a 120gsm envelope can become 240gsm in places. The ColorQube 8870 handled Coco Linen envelopes well. Apparently their trick is not to push air through the stock, which means they’re less likely to crinkle (the biggest envelope printing issue). The downside is you can only print about ten 130×190 envelopes at a time as they are not considered a standard size. However, if you’re printing DL, C6 or even C5 envelopes, you’d be able to put a lot more (200-300) in the standard tray. Marshmallow envelopes printed brilliantly, of course.

Envelope Print

Low Cost of Ownership

Obviously, it depends on your ink coverage and if you print in black only a lot or colour, but we calculate that about 8% coverage of high-end graphics will cost you about 10¢ per A4 copy and black as little as 1¢.

The ColorQube 8870 is Environmentally Conscious
Even though you leave it turned on, it does go nigh nighs and therefore meets the stringent ENERGY STAR requirements for energy usage. The unique technology and solid ink produces up to 90% less waste than from traditional laser printers too.

It’s Weirdly Intelligent Too
If you come to work at 8.30am every day and print, over the next few days the 8870 will ‘learn’ that and wake up from its own slumber and be ready for work! That’s  called ‘Intelligent Ready’. It also has ‘Smart Print’ which means it will move to low power mode when you’re least likely to use it, saving you $$ on power!

The Cons, You Ask?
Apart from the long warm-up (it prints a cleaning page and other stuff too), which has been addressed by leaving it on, the biggest downside is it cannot print bigger than A4 🙁

I also did some of my own research online, which came with a noise factor. We didn’t notice this at all. In fact, I wondered what they were on about. When I asked Fuji Xerox, their Rep thought it might have been an older model.

The only other downside that might be of interest is the fact you can only cold laminate a page that’s been printed as a hot laminate will fuse the colours (by adding more heat).

Warranty – Do They Stand By Their Product?
Fuji Xerox believe their ColorQube 8870 technology which involves fewer moving parts means less can go wrong too, so offer a 3 year onsite warranty as standard, which is awesome! They tell me if you’re in the metro area, a technician will be assigned for next day. Remote areas are two days…

As for Fuji Xerox as a company, we’ve owned Digital Presses for many years and whenever something goes wrong (and it does), they are there quickly, with expert technicians and solutions to get us back up an running as soon as possible. I cannot complain about their service.

One of our customers, Catherine Deer from Yours Deerly bought one. Here are her initial thoughts a few days after receiving the machine:

“One thing is when printing smaller text it does see a little grainy.. But nothing the average person would notice. 🙂 Overall I’m very happy with the printer.. It’s leaps and bound ahead of my old one and the fact I don’t have those bulky toners taking up space is a huge added bonus. I will say it is a little noisy when picking up the sheets.. But it’s brief.. The overall noise isn’t too bad.”

Printed Samples Set

CLICK HERE to order printed invitation and envelope samples on our most popular and unique stocks

CLICK HERE to order the Fuji Xerox ColoQube 8870

ColorQube_8870 Brochure
Solid Ink Technology Clean & Green
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Cheers, Jodie