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It could be my paper snobbery, but I definitely judge a restaurant on the state of their menus.

It’s a reflection of the establishment. Just like the state of their bathrooms. If the menus are all crumpled and grubby, I can’t help wondering what the kitchen looks like.

And when I see a menu protected by plastic, I wonder how often they change it to accommodate seasonal produce. I’ve even been known to poke my finger in between the paper and plastic to see if it’s stuck to the paper – a sure sign it’s been there a  l o n g  time…

All you have is your menu and waiters to represent your food and drinks. It’s incredible the creativity that goes into describing the dishes (I know you know what I mean), but it’s useless if the menu looks like 400 people have man-handled it before you. I feel compelled to wash my hands after touching it! (Just a bit of O.C.D. there…)

Actually, I love seeing a menu with the date printed on it…there’s something about the extra effort. It almost feels like it’s been printed just for me (which pacifies my O.C.D.).

The Trustee

Recently, I was contacted by Element WA who own The Beaufort Street Merchant, The Trustee Bar & Bistro and Enriques School for to Bullfighting. They’d recently purchased a high speed printer with capabilities for A3 and were initially looking for paper to print the new wine menu for The Trustee they’d just had designed. It not only needed to perform well, but had to reflect the class and feel of the successful C.B.D restaurant.

Intrigued, I asked why they decided to bring their printing in-house.

The Trustee Wine StorageLowri Hickman, Executive Assistant to Scott Taylor told me they needed to be able to act quickly on menu changes, ensure the menus were always fresh and in pristine condition and could afford to spend a little more on paper stock if they weren’t outsourcing the printing. They had their files set up so they were easily editable by staff and now could be printed at a moment’s notice.

After hearing her brief on the type of paper they had in mind and having been to The Trustee myself, I had her email me the menu files and we printed it on several papers using our own digital press and sent the samples back. They chose the Glamour Puss Champers 120gsm paper stock, milled in Italy, which is not only laser guaranteed, but warm, unique and classy, fitting the décor and atmosphere of the restaurant perfectly.

The Trustee 2-

This was a few weeks ago now, so I called to hear feedback of how the printer was handling the jobs and if she’d run into any issues. She said “The paper goes through beautifully and the menus look great! Thanks so much!”

When I ran into the owner, Scott Taylor as I took a few photos, he raved over the wine list paper and couldn’t wait to move onto the next menu re-vamp.

They’re gradually working through re-designing every menu in the group so they can all be printed in house on paper stocks suited to each location. They only print what they need and are saving time and energy and impressing the pants off their customers with their professional wine lists they DIY’d. I’ve sent them samples for the food menus and crossing my fingers they choose my favourite. I’ll post what they end up going with.

So, if you’re a Restaurant, Bar, Winery or Café owner reading this post (or you just know one), I’d like to offer you a quick tip that’s got nothing to do with paper, but will have  your aging patrons telling their friends about your establishment…

…keep a few pairs of cheap reading spectacles of varying strengths on hand and offer them when you offer your menu, because there’s no way we can read your darn menu (no matter how cool it is) if we’ve forgotten ours!

Cheers, Jodie

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