IMG_8600 BLOGYou could buy Mum a card on the way to lunch, sign it, lick the envelope shut and give it to Mum on Mother’s Day with the flowers you bought on the side of the road or at your local deli…

Or, you could make her a card….with your own hands, using your own time, with love in your heart.

But which card do you think she’ll keep forever?

It’s rare we’ll keep a store-bought card for any occasion. It means so much more when you put your precious time, heart and soul into making one.

Just like the difference between a store-bought cake and a home-made cake.

My mum doesn’t make cakes. Ever. But she made me one for my birthday this year.

From scratch. I loved it. A lot.


Spend a few extra minutes on your Mum this year.

Make her a simple, yet beautiful card she’ll display on her mantle and brag about to her friends.

Make her feel loved, appreciated and worth your time.

So go ahead and download our FREE latest DIY Creation Guide with printable sentiments and whip one up for Mum in minutes!

Just print and cut out the wording and change the papers to suit what you have on hand…

It’ll make her day.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum. I love you more than all the stars in all the galaxies!

Love Me x