Over-the-top Business Cards for Heidelberg Women In Print Breakfast

New Business Cards 001

You’ll know this story. Or your version of it anyway…

I’d given us a week to make some new head-spinning business cards to take to the Heidelberg Women in Print annual breakfast held last Friday at the Hyatt in Perth.

Plenty of time!

I wanted the design to reflect what we’re up to right now, so I spent a couple of hours mucking about with layering papers and tossing around ideas with our in-house Designer Allison. We were desperate to use white ink printing and to make them super-duper thick. So we decided to print in white on Eco Luxury Graphite as it’s so close to our logo colour and yummy spots.

Now, of course, we had an extremely busy week with envelope printing, so I had to stand aside for paying jobs. We finally got to the cards on Wednesday afternoon. Still plenty of time…

Allison printed them up and I began layering the cards using Jac double sided adhesive paper.

(I’m desperate for a special machine so we can offer this service, but the guy who has the purse strings says not this week…)

Anyway, this way does work…one-layer-at-a-time. So it’s pretty time-consuming. But it looks good, so I don’t care and keep layering.

They ended up being 864gsm, which is really substantial and hard to miss (although not that hard, I didn’t win a door prize).

Using lots of colours for the centre looked like licorice allsorts (and I simply adore them) so we went with that.

Our Guillotine Operator went home with a migraine on Wednesday, so we decided to wait until Thursday so the expert can trim them…

(About now I’m thinking I wish we’d done these last week.)

Thursday comes around and (Murphy’s Law), I get the dreaded message that Don won’t be in. The only thing we can do is cut them ourselves as the breakfast was at 7am the following morning.

I’d glued enough for 50 business cards with four layers – Eco Luxury Graphite with white printing, then two layers of an Eco Luxury yummy colour (I used Tamarind, Hollywood, Peacock and Moonstone, then another Graphite with the white dots for the back. About 2 hours worth, I’d say.

New Business Cards 003

It took the two of us, Allison and I, about an hour or so to cut the whole lot… CROOKED. Then we kept trimming and trimming until they looked like they had anorexia!

We each turned our heads on the side and looked at them. You know how you try to look at something from a different angle to see if it looks any better?

They didn’t look any better. So we trimmed the top and bottom too!

I know. I know. Really bad idea. But it was worth trying.

They looked ridiculous.

So we started again, worked like Bewitched, and got Graham (Mr. Detail/Perfectionist) to cut them.

Should’ve done that the first time…

But we only made 20. Which in the end, was enough.

The breakfast was delicious, the speaker inspiring (Dr Sally Cockburn AKA Dr. Feelgood was simply wonderful – everybody thought so) and I met some lovely like-minded women in print.

I really enjoyed it and declared I need to get out more.

New Business Cards 002

We all forget how uplifting and beneficial it is to meet people who have similar daily lives to our own..

…and a familiar love of paper and print – they all liked my cards 🙂

Cheers, Jodie



Fancy Duplex Sparks Imaginations

I knew some great ideas were going to come from the clever creators who buy our papers when we launched our Fancy Duplex range.

Being card stock, printed both sides and in complimentary designs means you can really play with the ideas of inside and out, back and front and the gorgeous texture adds sensory appeal too.

Fancy Duplex 050314 005

Lala Design came up with this adorable birthday card mixing several Fancy Duplex designs



Simply Stunning Stationery have been playing with their new Oki White Ink printer. They’ve printed on Botany and teamed it with Fancy Duplex Seychelles Sailor and Glamour Puss Blue Moon 140×140 Pocket Style B.


Fancy Duplex 050314 006

Invitings Made Easy made this adorable box to hold chocolates that went to a special someone in Switzerland and a fresh yellow invitation for a Perth hills wedding.


Fancy Duplex 050314 001

Lava Stationery excelled themselves with this design using Fancy Duplex Party Time.


Fancy Duplex 050314 004

Our new homepage features Fancy Duplex Party Time together with Glamour Puss Blue Moon & Eco Luxury Moonstone


Fancy Duplex 050314 007

Fancy Duplex Seychelles Sailor and Petal Link Sunglow created by our own Design Team


Fancy Duplex 050314 008

My favourite – Chevy Dot Papaya with Zsa Zsa Papaya and Botany envelopes


We’re already working on some new Fancy Duplex designs…

…but what designs, patterns and colours would you like to see?

Email me at

Cheers, Jodie