Courage LimeIt’s amazing how one woman in a 20 minute video can change the way you communicate with people.

Actually, Brenè Brown {who calls herself a Researcher/Storyteller} helped me with something I’ve been struggling with for weeks.

How to reach one of my 2014 goals – to connect more with the people I love and the people I’d like to influence.

She made me understand that when we reveal our vulnerability, we can truly connect.

Actually, when I look back on my blog posts of the past year, it’s the stories I’ve told where I absolutely reveal my vulnerability that people love the most.

Try to find 20 minutes and 16 seconds of your day (or night) to watch this video and see if it has the same impact on you as it did me.

13.5 million other people have watched it and she impacted on them too.

Maybe watch the next one when you’re done. Listening to Shame.

I’ve watched them both three times and taken notes so I don’t miss anything.

Learn how you can connect with your husband, wife, friends, kids, parents and of course customers and prospects…

Looking forward to sharing more of my vulnerabilities with you… Cheers, Jodie