The Wonka Sleepover Party where the kids were asleep by 10!

True to form, I’d managed to prepare very little for Jackson’s party, so I took the afternoon off work to ‘speed prep’…

I wanted to have the whole patio done up with streamers and balloons too. A real party atmosphere. But I ran out of time, so let it go. I think I got three balloons blown up (and the kids didn’t even notice.)

After arriving, the kids played ‘shoot the cans’ with nerf guns for a bit, while I entertained a few mums with cheese and champers. Then I gave them the (sort of) edible flowers, which were demolished in seconds.


Anyone who follows Peterkin on Instagram or Facebook will already know I’m a craft failure.

Anything other than invites or the odd card doesn’t really have much of a chance with me…

…and Jackson’s Violet Beauregarde pinata is no exception.

It developed a bulge in the 3rd layering, so I did what any crafter would do and ignored it. I began covering it with the next layer, to which it responded with bulging further and continuing to split, so I popped the balloon and the whole thing collapsed.

So I bought one instead.

The kids didn’t give a toss it wasn’t hand-made, or Violet Beauregarde – they just wanted to bash the beejeezus out of it…which they did.


It was hilarious and they loved it. It got them pretty hot and bothered too…


…so they spent the next hour or two in the pool while we sipped yummy fruit punch (tried mine with a splash of vodka, which is quite nice too).


Recipe – Ginger Beer, Pineapple Juice and Lemonade. Chuck in some mint and chopped fruit. I used apple, pear, strawberries and orange.

After feeding the hungry munchkins spaghetti Bolognese, we moved straight on to the chocolate river.



Jackson decided to have this instead of a cake, as his grandmother always makes him a special cake for his birthday. (I made the first one – a number one and stressed over it so much I passed on the annual task to an expert.)

Seriously, this was a lot of fun and not as messy as I thought it was going to be – but you should delegate out the cleaning of the chocky fountain for sure – it’s a tedious job.

Then there’s the problem of burning off the new-found chocolate energy, so the boys played balloon volleyball for a while using a couple of dining room chairs as their net.


I had to play at least one of the party games I’d researched and thought they’d had enough sugar, so we played ‘pig out’ and some of the kids thought this was the highlight of the party!

So simple. No prizes. Absolutely hilarious.

Someone suggested playing ‘Murder in the Dark’ (even I remember that game from my own childhood). Roars of laughter came from the closed, darkened bedroom for the next hour before I declared bedtime at 9.30pm.

I know, that’s early for a sleepover party, but 3 out of the 6 boys had sport commitments and were being collected at 7am, so I was trying to be responsible.

They brushed their pearly whites and hopped into bed. The whole lot in Jackson’s bedroom. I gave them the rules and the warnings, then left them to Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory audio book.

I took this photo at 10pm.


I was absolutely wrapped we were able to wear them out and didn’t even have to threaten to separate!

On Sunday, Jackson’s actual birthday, we had the traditional birthday dawn rising and had an afternoon tea with the family, where he was showered with more gifts.

This is the Wonka cake his Grandmother made him.


“I guess we can talk about Christmas day now?” my sister Sharon said after we cut the cake on Sunday afternoon.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You never want to plan or talk about Christmas until Jackson’s birthday is over.”

“Yep. Now we can move on to Christmas.”

Cheers, Jodie

IMG_6364Jackson – the very happy 11 year old!

A Wonka sleepover party for Jackson

Wonka Bar1

My son Jackson is turning 11.


And like all parents who’s first born (or only born in my case) turns 11, I can’t believe where the time has gone. One minute he was a baby in my arms and the next he’s showing me how to download Minecraft for XBox because he researched it on YouTube.

For the first time ever, this year he told ME what he wanted as an invitation. In fact, he described the entire party for me. Usually I’m the one making him do something wonderful because the invites will be FABULOUS!

As his birthday’s on 15th December, celebrations begin the last week of school.

This year it was last Monday 2nd December, when I sent cupcakes to school.

As for his actual party (we’ve had one every single year), I did mention it’d be good to have a party that everyone could come to…friends and family. It’d be good to just have one.

His answer to this was to have a HUGE Willy Wonka party with music and dancing and chocolates and lollies and games and a glass elevator (you can get the girls at work to help you make it, mum).

Then, everyone would get a bar of Wonka chocolate (he’s recently discovered these) and FIVE kids would get a golden ticket in their chocolate bar and will get to stay for the sleepover party!

Jackson LOVES Roald Dahl and has read all of his books several times over, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I asked him how he would feel if he was one of the kids that brought their sleeping bags and toothbrushes with them, only to discover they didn’t get a golden ticket and had to ring up their parents to come pick them up.

He was gutted…he thought it was a fabulous idea.

Wonka Bar Golden Ticket Scissors

So I quickly told him how much I loved the concept and we could still do the Wonka bar golden ticket thing, but as the invite. And we could still have a second party on his actual birthday to enjoy with his family.

He thought that was cool, but was overjoyed when I brought home the invites Allison had ‘whipped up’!

Can you imagine his face? He was almost as excited as I was! How come when they released these chocolate bars they didn’t make the wrappers the same as the ones in the movie?

But these ones are!

Golden Ticket 010

I bought the Wonka Chocolate bars on special and removed them from the boring cardboard packaging to discover they’re then wrapped in gold foil, which was perfect. The chocolate itself is stamped with Wonka sayings and is pretty cool too.

Allison printed the wrappers on Glamour Puss Diamond White, so they’re sparkly and the white bits are really white. The golden tickets were printed on Glamour Puss Sunshine. The edges cut with scallop scissors. Pretty simple really.

He was so excited to give them out at at school.

I had to bring them with me at the end of the day “as we’re not allowed to have chocolate at school, mum.”

I gave him the cooler bag and he slipped behind the classroom to meet the kids he’d set up earlier in the day. I caught him shooing away the other kids ‘cos he didn’t want them to feel ‘left out’. 🙂

I was so excited to see their reaction too that I forgot about the camera over my shoulder and didn’t capture their reactions.

The first words I heard from one of the kids was “Are we allowed to eat the chocolate?”

“Maybe ask Mum when you get home and show it to her complete because she (might) remember the chocolate bars in the 1971 movie!”

I remember going to the drive-ins to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with my sister and Aunty Robyn.

(Surely it was a re-release…)

It was so completely magical. I desperately wanted to be one of those kids. As a long-term sugar addict, I’d still like to be one of them.

Wonka Bars

So now my task is to make the actual birthday sleepover memorable for Jackson. He’s not getting a glass elevator ‘tho. No matter how much help I get!

We started on the Violet Beauregarde Pinata yesterday. She might not end up with a head yet – I haven’t figured that bit out yet.

violet_beauregarde2   Paper_mache

I’ve also borrowed a chocolate fountain (as the chocolate river) and fairy floss machine from one of the mum’s at school (thanks Sally).

I’ve been researching sleepover party games too. So far, I like the malteser game and the Pig Out the most.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

In the meantime, go ahead and download the Wonka Bar pdf to print your own chocolate bar wrappers. The MS Word file and DIY Creation Guide is also there...

Cheers, Jodie