My big secret to how I get so much stuff done

I'm so happy because I write lists!

I’m so happy because I get so much done!
(actually I just thought I needed a colourful pic here…)

Sure, I punch away on my computer while on the couch most nights.

But I doubt any more than most…

But people ask me all the time how I get so much done.

Lists… I write tonnes of lists, and I delegate.

I’ve got lists on my phone, lists on the fridge, in my car, on my desk, on my whiteboard and dozens hanging around in the bottom of my bag.

But my biggest list of all is online.

Actually, it’s a task manager software program. And I love it!

Now I can write lists of stuff to do for different projects, allocate someone else to do them, give them the details, upload files and pictures and give them a deadline.

They’ll get emails to remind them of the deadline and I get email updates on the progress of the tasks that I’m following that I’ve allocated others to do.

And the absolute BEST part..

It’s FREE.

It’s called asana.

And by the way, I don’t get any kickback if you use it too.

Try it out and let me know what you think…

You might get more stuff done too.



Time to start pumping out those Christmas Cards!

It’s that time of year again…

The time that causes my stress levels rise to new heights every year.

But I’m determined to not let it get to me this year. I’ve already begun my Christmas shopping (a first – I’m a last minute kinda gal) and I’m going to plan the staff Christmas party next week!

If you suffer from Christmas stress, perhaps you could do some therapeutic craft and whip up a few cards…

…but only for the loved ones who’ll appreciate your effort, I say!


I’ve been asked when we’ll be doing a Christmas card DIY Creation Guide, so here it is.

Similar to the Father’s Day and Mother’s Day cards, there is a sentiments pdf. All sorted!

Download and share this latest DIY Creation Guide – Chrismas Wreath with no strings attached right now.

Share it with your friends, clients and customers or just get some inspiration.

Christmas Wreath Card DIY Creation GuideChristmas Wreath Card DIY Creation Guide

Christmas Wreath Card DIY Creation Guide

8 ‘light bulb’ realisations I had while on holiday in Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay 1

I’ve been working hard, long hours since the beginning of the year.


After a full day at work, I put my mum hat on for a few hours, then spend an extra 2-3 hours researching, learning, answering emails (or writing my blog)…

It’s not always like this. It’s just that there’s been so much going on this year, I’ve had to play catch up.

So when we received a (proper I might add) invitation from my good friend Mel to attend her 40th in Bremer Bay, I jumped at it. I knew I needed a little break away, so accepted with glee and booked the accommodation immediately.

We got away a bit late due to my necessity to ‘get a few emails out etc.’ before taking a diverted route to visit Wellington Dam, which was quite spectacular. It’s not often we get to see a dam over-flowing in Western Australia!

Wellington Dam 1Wellington Dam 2Wellington Dam3











I continued working, (delegating tasks, answering emails, facebook posts and checking in on our website) in between eye-spy, chitter-chatter and froggy jump (Jackson (10) and I play it on the ipad together. His turn until out, then mine. We see who can get the highest score…I’m getting pretty good at it.

Sharon_Jodie_Bremer1The next day we drove to every beautiful beach we could find, visited Mel and family, then got dolled up with the rest of the town for the Hollywood Glam party. I love to party with country folk. Even the city folk turn into country folk at a country party!


We lazed around a bit the following day, before driving out to Point Anne, which was breathtaking, but sadly no whales…

Monday, we drove home. It took us all day again.

Tuesday I came into the office and everything was up-to-date! I’d managed to stay on top of it the whole time. This was {almost} better than the holiday itself!


Here are my 8 ‘light bulb’ realisations I had while on holiday in Bremer Bay:


  1. The technology we’ve invested in is awesome. I was able to not only work while burning down the freeway (albeit as a passenger), but could log into our website, email and social media in a motel room by using my iphone as a hotspot. I didn’t come back to a mountain of work, I was able to keep up by spending just a little time each day.
  2. I can work anywhere – for a time. I need to take more holidays (and nobody needs to know!)
  3. I feel so much more invigorated and inspired when I’ve had some R&R. I have clarity and came home with more ideas for our business than when I left.
  4. I come up with lots of ideas when I’m relaxing. I need to take a notebook…
  5. I love meeting people and hearing their stories. When I listen, I learn. I met someone who makes explosive polony rolls and is introducing a robot to pack pallets – their packages are 25kg which is 5kg over the allowed weight to lift…. I found it really interesting and wondered how I could afford a robot to do tasks nobody wants to do.
  6. Two glasses of wine leaves me a little tired. Three leaves me with a headache the next morning (ok, I already knew that one, but clearly I needed to re-learn it.)
  7. My team are awesome! (I already knew that too.) They had to deal with a few tricky situations when I was away and they handled them all with flair and integrity! I need to empower them more…they can handle it.
  8. Business carries on without me! With the systems, procedures and empowering staff to make their own decisions, it’s business as usual. I love that.

I think the point of this whole post is to remind myself and anyone reading to take more holidays – even for a few days. It does us all the world of good! Thanks for turning 40 Meli!

Bremer Bay 2

Photos: Bremer Bay, Wellington Dam, My sister Sharon and I all glammed up, Me with Point Anne in the background…no whales 🙁 and the beautiful south-west coastline at Bremer Bay…

Cheers, Jodie