We launched our new logo and branding yesterday…

Peterkin logo reversed

Everything was checked and ready to go.

My mouse hovered over the send button for what seemed like hours…

That nasty demon called self-doubt was creeping in. “What if they don’t like it?” my demon questioned…

Eventually I talked myself down from the ledge and just pressed the button…

We’ve all put in too much work for me to back out now. They’d all kill me!

And it wasn’t so bad. In fact, the encouragement and praise from our customers, friends and family was overwhelming and still coming in! I’m so grateful for their kind words. I haven’t had anyone say they hated it (but would they say? – Get out demon!)

Because it’s weird using your surname as a business name…definitely for me, but what about the rest of my family?

My Dad thinks it’s pretty cool. He sent me this book a dear friend of his found in a bookshop years ago. It was published in 1955.


It’s a children’s book about a very ‘simple’ family…the Peterkins.

In the first story, Mrs Peterkin accidentally puts salt in her tea instead of sugar. She sends for the local Chemist who puts all sorts of chemicals in it, but it still tastes like crap. Eventually, they ask the ‘woman from Philadelphia’ what they should do and she says (wait for it) “Make a new cup of tea.” The woman is a genius. The stories are all like this and apparently the Peterkins are quite well known in America.



Cute (but weird) book. I hope they weren’t my relatives…

However, I wondered how my cousins were going to react to seeing Peterkin as the name of my business…Mind you, there’s only a couple who used to have Peterkin as their surname, and they’ve both married and taken their husband’s names. But still…it was my (and their) grandparent’s surname too..

But the biggest one I was worried about was my sister, Sharon. After all, she’s an artist and designer, who uses her name professionally.

But as always, Sharon is my biggest encourager. Always has been.

I think it would be different if my surname was something a little more common, like Smith or Jones. Possibly more likely one of those were taken as a domain name!

This is how the name was decided…

For 17 years we’ve had some version of the Artee name and logo.

It started out as more of a brand name in our range of rubber stamps… Artee Stamps.

When we began selling so much more than rubber stamps, it evolved into Artee Stamps and Supplies.

Then we thought it was just too long, so we shortened it to Artee Supplies…

But people thought we sold Art Supplies…

…But we don’t.

We sell paper and envelopes.

In fact, we’re a Paper Merchant.

So we thought it was time for a change.

You can imagine the names that bandy around when coming up with a new business name. And then anything good’s already taken…

“Our suburb! – Dianella Paper”

“Perth Paper”

“Go with a number, then you’re at the beginning”

“Nah…AAA Paper that’ll get you at the top.”

“What about ‘Swan Paper’ or ‘Black Swan’ for the Swan River?”

For months…and months we tossed around names.

Then someone said “What about we name it after the person who started it?

Instantly I was uncomfortable.

It’s been my surname for 40 (ahem) something years…

“Nah, I don’t like the alliteration of Peterkin Premium Paper” I said

“It sounds funny. Imagine answering the phone with that all day?You’d end up stuttering.”

But everyone else liked it.

It wasn’t taken as a business name, so that was a great start. The website name was available too. All looking good.

But I was still squeamish.

So I kept thinking and looking… and eventually I gave in and registered Peterkin.

And Peterkin Paper.

The logo was a similar story.

There were dozens of versions (it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind). Scripty, colourful, vintagey – you name it, we tried it.

But this is the one we settled on. It’s the one everyone felt was right for us.

We hope you like it too, but if you don’t it’s too bad because I’m not going through all that again (a bit like moving warehouses really).

So, welcome to our new chapter and welcome to Peterkin.

Our brand new website will be launched on Friday 30th August 2013! (Although I dare you to take a peek now.)

Over a year worth of hard work.

Once again, sure hope everyone likes it…my mouse will be hovering over that launch button too no doubt!

Cheers Jodie
Jodie - Orange2
Peterkin logo

Give Dad a ‘Tash’ this Father’s Day

How about an instant moustache for dad this father’s day?

This one’d give Mario (or is it Luigi?) a run for his money.

IMG_3777 web

I like the (last minute) cards I make to have words that relate to the person..and the occasion.

Otherwise, what’s the point in a hand-made card? You could’ve bought any old generic one from the shops!

This card’s got all that and more.

It’s  got the templates for the moustache and bow tie, as well as the wording for the front and the inside…

IMG_3786 web

We printed our wording on gorgeous Versa Linen, which just makes it I think.

Thanks again to Domenica for her speedy (weekend) designing and Allison, our new (and seriously talented) Graphic Designer.

I think you’ll agree they work well together.

Download and share away the latest  DIY Creation Guide, Greeting Cards for Dad and Other Fine Lads.

Cheers Jodie

What clever Creators do with Pretty Paper stocks

I love seeing what’s been created with our papers.

It’s a bit like the feeling of pride you get when your child delivers a speech to a room full of people.

All right. Not quite. But I do like it.

This is some that I’ve seen just in the past week:

Blocks & kiddie furniture by Precious Little Things

I love the innovative ways she’s used papers from our Lucy range…




I saw these gorgeous thumb print invites by Hoot Invitations printed on Crane Lettra 100% cotton paper on Facebook:



…And how adorable are these cards and customised canvas’ by Lisa at Sweetwater Smiles Stationery?

She’s used the beautiful co-ordinating colours of Zsa Zsa in these creations.





Below:Fairytale Romance Invitation and Menu by Papertales with Peacock Double Faced Satin Ribbon wrap & IPaper Crystal Oval Art Deco Bling. Versa Linen paper stock.

Theirry Boudan Phototgraphy and Your Hunter Valley Wedding Planner – Great Gastby inspired photoshoot in their winter 2013 magazine. Flowers by Jade McIntosh Flowers.






If you’ve created something fabulous from our premium papers, let me know.

I’ll share it around!

Cheers Jodie