“Now that’s an impressive amount of shit!”


The word ‘shit’ is used  12 times in this post…

Taken from the mezzanine – there was already a heap up there too!

Taken from the mezzanine – there was already a heap up there too!



Just one area - it continued round the corner! Pallet racking will soon fill this area too...

Just one area – it continued round the corner! Pallet racking will soon fill this area too…

If you’ve just got a cupboard for your shit, you fill it.

A garden shed…stuff it to the top.

A garage – fill ‘er up.

A warehouse – well, you get the idea…


Pete the Handyman executing the warehouse 'reno'.

Pete the Handyman executing the warehouse ‘reno’.

This is Pete.

He’s Graham’s dad and our in-house handyman.

He’s filled his own shed(s) with shit and has been graciously helping us stuff our warehouse over the years with more shit.

The other day he took one look at the pallets we’d just just deposited in our new warehouse at 12A Harold St and announced:

“Now that’s an impressive amount of shit.”

…and coming from Pete, that’s something to be proud of!

It’ great having lots of shit you can call your own, but there comes a time (like when you MOVE) when you have to re-assess exactly how much shit you need in your life.


After packing and loading the pallets, 3 full days of driving this enormous truck (strangely, I was the only one with a HR license left over from my youth) back and forth, then shuffling them around the warehouse looking for PAPER, Gumtree just became my new best friend to get rid of some shit!

So…if you need to fill up your shed, garage or WAREHOUSE with shit, give me a call.

…And if you want to see more photos of our new abode, stay tuned…we’re still to get rid of some shit before I take the final moved in pics.

Have you got too much shit? Where do you store it?

And does anyone DARE to call your paper collection or supplies shit?

What response do you give them?

Cheers Jodie

Is Black and White on the way out?

Ahhh…black and white.

IMG_1940 web

Some would say neither are truly colours, others say it’s timeless.

I love the simplicity and class. Almost any pattern too. And clash those patterns together.

It’s all the rage in clothing fashion. Just look at how my very clever style friend AndAndrea mixes her prints! I would not have believed Zebra, stripes and spots could be displayed harmoniously together, but here it is!

AndAndrea Black and White

Have you created any harmonious ‘clashes’ with adventurous clients?

Verona’s a classic, simple and stylish design that’s highlighted here with a drop of sparkle (no clashing).

I love that you can add in any colour and black and white becomes a ‘frame’ or highlighter too…

…And I’m glad it’s no longer frowned upon to wear black to a wedding, or even have bridesmaids dressed in black. Most are certainly more likely to wear little black dress again.

IMG_1945 web

Download and share this latest DIY Creation Guide, MS Word Template AND complete ready-to-print sample with no strings attached right now.

Share it with your friends, clients and customers or just get some inspiration.

…And if you’re and Invitation Artist and just don’t dabble in any kind of DIY, maybe you could think about adding a new revenue stream.

Just a thought.

What do you think about Black and White? Is it on the way out, or just as strong as ever?

To join the conversation, leave a comment below.

Cheers Jodie

Laurina…my ideal DIY bride!


When my cousin Laurina showed me the 50 odd images of her favourite invite designs, I was worried…

But all I did was show her what she had at her disposal, gave her some samples and sent her on her way…


Coming from a long line of crafty DIYer’s (Aunty Fay – her mum did the flower arrangements), she really wanted to make the invitations herself. The only advice I gave her was ‘stick with one main colour, keep it simple and maybe you can use some of the other stuff you love elsewhere.

Laurina fell completely in love with Crane Lettra Fluro White (as we all do) and tested both the 243gsm and 300gsm in her laser printer. The 243gsm won hands down for ease of feeding.


She chose the increasingly popular envelope size of 130×190, used Microsoft Publisher for the artwork, then hand-watercoloured every invite and piece of wool. The LOVE stamp was used on the inside of the flap, but I used a letter opener and wrecked it! (TIP – use a seal/sticker or only seal the bottom of the flap so your guests don’t bugger up the envelope when opening).

All I did was provide her with the Crane Lettra Cardstock and  iflap envelopes.

She didn’t need any other help!

Awesome. Really awesome…and a very easy client for me!













My point is, DIYers have come a long way.

As the next generation ties the knot, you don’t have to ‘babysit’ them and spell everything out step-by-step (as much) and draw maps like you used to 10 years ago. They’ve grown up with computers and often some DIY, so it makes dealing with them so much quicker and easier.

The attention to detail Laurina put into the whole wedding did not go un-noticed by me. These are the things I really loved:


The opposite rounded corners (done with a corner rounder punch) and the simplicity of using wool to tie it all up.


The matching coloured postage stamp, and the fact they were considered and part of the design.














Lily’s pink dress & Teddy’s bow tie and braces. (Awwwww)


Violet’s cardigan.















The find your name rock idea – Ryan is a Geology Professor and really ‘into’ rocks. On the back was the table name – which was one of the destinations they’d travelled to. The terrarium table centre pieces (they had toy dinosaurs and pretty rocks in them).













Violet’s cardigan (or is it just Violet?). The multi bridesmaids…fantastic.








The sunflower seeds in cute wee bottle and  Don’ts for Wives & Husbands from 1913.



…the happy couple! May your lives be as beautiful as your wedding (and thanks for a great night!)

Cheers Jodie