Got a ‘thing’ for bunting?

It’s no secret I have a ‘thing’ for bunting and even though we’ve based this sample on a child’s 5th birthday invite, I recon’ I ‘d have it for my party too (still a little girl inside).

Introducing ‘Ladybug’


IMG_1865 blog


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If you’re into Christmas in July, here’s a cute idea…

…I’ve no guide for this one, so you’ll have to figure it out yourself but I really do love the combo, particularly the envelope front. Two different Eco Luxury Labels were used to create the look.

What a first impression eh?

Thanks to the lovely Dee & Domenica yet again! Such talent.

Petite Dot Lady Bug Christmas Card

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Colour me CMYK or RGB and a time-saving gift from me

RGBProfessionally trained Graphic Designers spend weeks, if not months learning about this subject.


Now I’m no colour expert, but I do know this:

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key Black) is used in printing  and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is for screen colour.

That’s all I need to know, as I’m a director of the creation…

…but if you do want to go deeper and know why you need to print using CMYK –

Go here to read a fantastic article on CMYK & RGB

It’ll tell you in simple language how and why you should convert your printed materials to CMYK. It’s well worth the read…

Now for your gift.IMG_2174

I’ve had my Graphic Designer and expert colour-matcher Deanna chart the CMYK AND RGB numbers for all of our exclusive paper stocks to make your job quicker and easier in designing and matching font colours. Do keep in mind you will no doubt have to ‘tweek’ the numbers depending upon the stock you print on, the printer and the colour of the stock, as all of these things affect the colour. But at least you have a starting point.

Click the link below to download and print your colour reference chart (no, it’s not coming in a little moonstone box with a buckle and bow…but the photo looked better than holding a chart!) 😉

Download Your iPaper CMYK & RGB Colour Chart


ms-word-2-256x256A note about MS Word

Anyone who’s tried to use this program to print invitations knows it’s not designed for this purpose. That’s why it can only print using RGB, which for DIY or if you’re just starting out, it’s more than acceptable. a common program that many have on their systems, Microsoft Publisher certainly works better. At least it has the Pantone colour swatch available. But, the best program to use is Adobe InDesign. Until recently, it used to cost several thousand dollars, which put it out of reach of many start-up invitation businesses. Now you can ‘use’ the latest version software for a minimal monthly fee. Go to for further information about that…

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Is your Love Affair with paper enough?

IMG_3627 jodie colourDo you feel if you could just be given some key tricks & tips it might just take your business to the next level?


For years I’ve been sharing my knowledge of the paper business with people either wanting to ‘get into’ or already involved with a paper business in some way…and that’s because I’ve had a career in paper since 1991 and my own successful paper businesses in retail, wholesale, importing, exporting, manufacturing & packaging since 1994.

Over the years I’ve trained hundreds of people in all aspects of the paper business and anyone who’s been on the receiving end of any of my ‘training’ know I just can’t help it… I’m a natural promoter and sharer and genuinely enjoy helping people to speed ahead with any knowledge I can share to make their lives easier.

But let’s be clear… By ‘paper’ I mean yummy, invitational and well, ‘special’ paper you’d be proud to announce occasions like birthdays, engagements and weddings with; or make greeting cards, scrapbooks or even a glorious sales brochure from. THAT kind of paper…


Coaching Retailers at a Gift Fair in 2007

I get asked the same questions too, which I why I’ve decided to start this blog. It’s a place where I can answer your questions, share my knowledge and maybe even help people avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made along my journey.

Through my videos, tip sheets, creation guides and blog posts , you’ll learn practical wisdom from me and my team, as well as other rising stars in our industry.

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If you have a question you’d like my slant on, shoot it through to me. While I might not have all the answers, I’ve spent over 20 years learning on-the-job and studying everything to do with the paper business…so you just might get something unexpected and totally useful!

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